Sunday, February 23, 2014


Hi readers! Thanks for stopping by from the Soul Mate Blog Hop. Answer the question highlighted in yellow below for your chance to win a $15 gift card or a copy of my SoulMate novel, SECRET SISTER!

First, let me introduce myself to you if we haven’t met. I used to write Harlequin Intrigues as M.L. Gamble, and after a decade away from writing, I came back with SECRET SISTER for Soul Mate Publishing! And changed my name to Emelle Gamble, which I get many compliments on for sounding foreign and elegant. Yay name change!

My first Soul Mate novel, SECRET SISTER,  is  a blended genre women’s romantic fiction novel about Nick and Cathy and Roxanne. HA! No, it’s not one of those kinds of triangles, but it is one of the weirdest ones you’ll come across.  It all started with ‘what if everything about me changed, would my husband know it was me?’  I say yes, because I believe in romance. Here’s a link to SECRET SISTER if you’d like to take a look.

What would your hubby or significant other do if everything about you changed, your looks, your voice, your identity…would he still know it was you inside? 
 Leave your answer below  by February 28th  and you’ll be entered to win a $15 gift card or one of 3 FREE copies of SECRET SISTER  at this blog!

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Soul Mate authors are giving away a wonderful KINDLE GRAND PRIZE at Cheryl Yeko’s blog so be sure to enter. And good luck!

As a special bonus…my novella, DUETS, the prequel to my full length novel MOLLY HARPER, is FREE on Amazon until February 27th. Go get you one if you’d like. MOLLY HARPER is on sale for only 99 cents, too, so you can get the whole story of love, family secrets, and how and why a Hollywood actress screws up her life just as bad as the rest of us!


Enjoy! And do leave a review at Amazon or Goodreads on any or all of these books. Authors love hearing from readers, and other readers appreciate knowing what you thought! My favorite reader review so far is this one from Bookworm I knew absolutely nothing about the book when I began reading it and was hooked from the beginning. It took such an unexpected turn I simply couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next.”