Thursday, April 3, 2014

Who is Your Mr. Perfect?

Emelle Gamble’s DATING CARY GRANT and the Search for ‘Mr. Perfect’

So who is your “Mr. Perfect?”. Your Prince on a white horse. Your tall, dark and handsome, that Mr. Happy Ever After you imagined since childhood.

Your Ryan Gosling? 
(Have I revealed too much…HA!)

Writers, particularly those of us who include romance in our novels, all have our templates, for both literary and real men. Mine is husband of thirty years ‘Phil-the-fist’. He’s loyal. Kind. Honest. Intelligent. Protective and encouraging, in equal measures, to both myself and our children.

And sexy as a warm breeze on bare skin. (Don’t hate me…okay, you can a little.)

But when I think back all that way to before I met and fell in love with Phil, I can’t quite remember the priority order I would have had for a characteristic list for a “Mr. Perfect”. And when I write books and those heroes like Nick Chance, or Cruz Morales, or Mike Connor of DATING CARY GRANT walk into my life, they don’t seem much at all alike.

Nick, SECRET SISTER’s hero, has some personal problems, is kind of goofy and emotional. Cruz, MOLLY HARPER’s guy, is taciturn and tough, and not easy to convince of ANYTHING. (Damn him!) Mike Connor is easy going and charming, civic minded and cute, but stubborn as a mule.

The only things these three men from these three novels share are that they’re all loyal. Kind. Honest. Intelligent. Protective and encouraging. And sexy as a warm breeze on bare skin. 


And there you go. I just explained to myself who Mr. Perfect is. (Phil-the-fist, Long Island, with our kids...hero.)

He’s the guy with the set of characteristics that are must-haves, with a lot of variations in the packaging. And the variations have to do with looks, ethnic background, athletic prowess, money, and profession. They don’t have anything to do with what you need a man to be made of so that you’ll want to be with him for the rest of your life. That’s the biggest lesson Tracy Connor learns in DATING CARY GRANT.

Leave a comment below and tell me, when did you learn this

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